Meals on Wheels
CASS Employee

“I like the food. And I like the fact that they deliver it every week on time. The service is great.”

Joyce Stivers, White Oak
CASS Employee

“They’re on time and they bring you what you ask for. ”

Sam Napier, Northgate
CASS Employee

“He’s friendly. He’s nice. He’s never in a bad mood.”

Norma Burwinkel, Colerain Township, referring to Meals on Wheels driver John Jarman

CASS Continues to Operate But with Modified Services

CASS has taken urgent steps to deal with the coronavirus. We’ve made adjustments to our programs so we can continue to provide crucial services to seniors. At the same time, we’re doing our best to protect their health and the health of our employees while complying with government orders. If you need services or have questions, please call our main phone number: 513-721-4330.

Please click here for a special page to learn more about how we’ve adapted our operations.