Senior Care Coordination

Senior Care Coordination Provides Peace of Mind

Senior Care Coordination, a special self-pay program of Cincinnati Area Senior Services, provides assistance to seniors to solve their challenges involving personal care, housing, finances, legal issues, medical care and more.


A Senior Care Coordinator is assigned to each senior, offering a single point of contact. CASS provides comprehensive, consolidated and customized services to seniors and their families no matter how much nor how little assistance they might need.

The coordinator visits clients frequently, and collaborates with family members, friends and caregivers in a way that respects the choices and decisions of seniors, enabling them to maximize their independence. Program goals include enhancing the health and safety of seniors and protecting them from scams and other forms of exploitation.

Specific services include:

  • Providing guardianship and power of attorney services;
  • Coordinating planning for life transitions;
  • Navigating Medicare and long-term personal care options;
  • Arranging for housekeeping and home health services;
  • Assisting with downsizing and home repairs;
  • Increasing financial security and fraud protection;
  • Serving as a trustee;
  • Managing finances, bills and budgeting.

How to Obtain Senior Care Coordination Services

People interested in this service can contact Cheryl Bolender, our Senior Clinical Manager, at 513-559-4523 or for a free consultation.

Senior Care Coordination, which is based on a private pay or self-pay model, is available to seniors and their families who can afford to pay for the service. Unlike our other programs, it is not supported by public funds. Fees, which are charged per hour or per month, are determined during the intake process. CASS provides Senior Care Coordination services in Hamilton County and beyond.

CASS Has Years of Experience and Expertise

Senior Care Coordination, the newest program of CASS, relies on the experience and expertise that we’ve been developing since 1967. In everything we do, our goal is to help seniors live independently, stay active and maintain their health. We serve more than 4,800 older adults each year.

Other organizations provide similar services, but what makes CASS different is our compassion and commitment. Older adults know they can rely on us. We provide these services with more than 50 employees, supervised by an experienced leadership team.

Independent organizations have repeatedly honored us for our services, including in 2017 when we received the Outstanding Area Agency on Aging Partnership of the Year Award from the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging.

CASS Provided Crucial Services to Civil Rights Pioneer Marian Spencer

Marian Spencer

“During Marian Spencer’s final years, CASS was instrumental in helping me to maintain Marian’s health and safety, extending the amount of time she could live on her own. Relying on the CASS Senior Care Coordination program, Marian benefited from the assistance of a CASS social worker, its Meals on Wheels program and in-home consultations from a nurse. When Marian needed to move to assisted living in her late 90s, CASS’s expertise and experience were crucial during the transition. I’m extremely grateful that CASS’s services were available to Marian.”

— Dot Christenson, friend, biographer and primary caregiver to Marian Spencer

“What we do really has value. Our employees see themselves making a difference in seniors’ lives.”

Jo Ann Kells, CASS Human Resources Director

CASS Continues to Operate But with Modified Services

CASS has taken urgent steps to deal with the coronavirus. We’ve made adjustments to our programs so we can continue to provide crucial services to seniors. At the same time, we’re doing our best to protect their health and the health of our employees while complying with government orders. If you need services or have questions, please call our main phone number: 513-721-4330.

Please click here for a special page to learn more about how we’ve adapted our operations.